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Kindly note that the displayed rate estimates indicate the “ONE-WAY” cost per vehicle for travel TO or FROM the respective AIRPORT only, tailored to specific city/vehicle class combnation. This rate applies PER VEHICLE PER TRIP, regardless of passenger count. If your city or preferred vehicle not appear on the list, please get in touch with us.

Please be advised that the rates provided on this page are intended solely for cost estimation purposes and do not serve as official rate quotes. Although we have confidence in the accuracy of these rates, we cannot guarantee them. Rates and services may undergo changes or be withdrawn without prior notice. For the most precise rate, kindly submit a quote request.


  • To complete and confirm all reservations, we need your valid credit card information. Service must be pre-paid in full via any credit/debit card on file which is provided at the time of booking. Please note that our drivers do not process any payment in the car. Payment receipt will be issued upon processing.
  • All rates are subject to 13 % Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)
  • All reservations are subject to driver’s gratuity of 15% on booking of Sedan Cars or SUVs and 20% on Stretch Limousines or Sprinter/Transit Vans
  • Cross Border Toll Fee of $10 will be applicable to/from Buffalo and Detroit Border
  • For each Infant, Toddler and Booster Child safety car seat additional $10 will be charged
  • Additional below charges will be applied for extra stop on the way to your destination for respective vehicles. If the stop is out of the way towards destination then additional stop fee will be charged according to location of address.
    • All Sedan Cars and SUVs $ 15.00 + Tax
    • Sprinter/Transit Van 9 or 14 Passengers $ 25.00 + Tax
    • Stretch Limousine 9 to 14 Passenger $ 50.00 + Tax
  • Additional fee will be applied for the use of Toll Highway 407 ETR as per their rates (if used)
  • Additional Fee for Pickups from Toronto Pearson Int’l Airport (This fee is charged by Toronto Pearson Airport Authorities)
    • Sedan Cars, Mini Vans and SUVs $ 15.00
    • Sprinter and Transit Vans (Max. 12 Seats) $ 30.00
    • Stretch Limos $ 27.00
    • Mini-Bus (13 to 25 Seats) $ 50.00
    • Limo Bus or Coach Bus up to 40 Passengers $ 60.00
  • The initial confirmation of the reservation may not include some charges incurred during the trip including but not limited to:
    • Extra Stops
    • Waiting Time
    • Extra Hours Livery Time
    • Change in Pickup or Destination Location
    • Toll Routes & Parking


  • AUTHORIZATION: By submitting a ride request, you authorize Toronto Airport Limo Taxi Service to charge your provided payment method for use of services. You confirm that you are the cardholder and/or authorized user of the provided credit card. For certain ride requests, the completion of a Credit Card Authorization Form may be required. You are liable for the cost of services and fees, which are detailed in email confirmations to you and in the Terms of Service. You will accrue fees and are subject to legal action for any unpaid costs for which you are liable.
  • BORDER CROSSING: Land crossing-border clients have to fulfill border documentation requirements by their own, Toronto Airport Limo Taxi Service is not responsible in case of Border Service Agency stops for any issue.
  • RATES ADJUSTMENTS Prices are subject to change at any time without further notice. Toronto Airport Limo Taxi Service reserve the rights to change prices or rates without prior notice as a result of increase in fuel/gasoline prices or in the event of change in weather conditions
  • LIVERY SERVICE RADIUS: For hourly bookings, the trip must always end in the municipal area of the pickup location (within 5 to 20 kilometers). Hourly bookings that end outside of the municipal area of the pickup location are subject to Toronto Airport Limo Taxi Service approval and additional fees. An hourly booking always starts at the pickup time confirmed upon booking.
  • LOST & FOUND ITEMS: Toronto Airport Limo Taxi Service is not responsible for any lost item in the vehicle, please make sure to check your items before leaving. If the item is found, it will be delivered (schedule permitting) for a charge, or shipped at customers expense.
  • ALCOHOL AND ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES: There is no smoking or use of any illegal drugs inside our vehicles. If any illegal drugs are used or found in the limousine the contract will terminate immediately and no refund will be issued. There is no alcohol allowed in the limos as per provincial law. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that there is no alcohol consumed in the vehicle and any fines or charges that might occur because of violations of this rule will be charged to the client
  • MAXIMUM LUGGAGE CAPACITY: The price given in the Booking Confirmation includes the number of pieces of luggage specified on the booking form. Excess luggage, bulky luggage, or any boxes not stated in reservation could lead to corresponding surcharges; the arrangement fee will also be higher, as stated in the Booking Confirmation. Please notify us if you need to upgrade to a larger vehicle in order to avoid major delays, additional charges, & not having a larger vehicle available on the day of service. If you were transported on the first day of service in a vehicle larger than the one reserved, please do not assume that you will be returned in the same size vehicle.
  • DAMAGE REPAIRS, CLEANING AND SANITIZING FEES: In the case a guest leaves any damage, spillage, or becomes sick inside the vehicle, guest shall be responsible for those damages and for a professional cleaning fee if needed in addition to any loss of revenue resulting from the vehicle deemed out of service during recovery period.
  • FOOD POLICY: The consumption of food is discouraged. Any messes from food or beverages, including vomit or urine, the User and/or passengers are liable to pay not only the cost for the cleaning of the vehicle but also compensate the loss of business due to the downtime of the vehicle.
  • ANIMAL/PET POLICY: Toronto Airport Limo Taxi Service reserves the right to refuse the carriage of animals which was/were not agreed to. This also applies to animals which are not contained in a closed and suitable transport box. Any hearing-impaired person, totally or partially visual impaired person or physically disabled person riding in any of our vehicle is permitted to be accompanied by a service animal, without being required to pay an extra charge for the service animal. For passengers with disabilities traveling with a service animal, the animal does not require being transported in a kennel or soft-sided pet container. In the event damage occurs to the vehicle, caused by the animal, damage and/or cleaning fee may be charged.
  • SERVICE DELAY OR TERMINATION: Exceptional situations such as air-traffic controller strikes, extreme weather conditions, unsafe/icy road conditions etc., can be compensated only to a limited extent, meaning that longer waiting periods or last-minute cancellations must be accepted by Users.
  • RESPECTFUL BEHAVIOUR: We expect from our employees and our customers to maintain a respectful behaviour towards each other. Verbal abuse, use of bad language in any form of verbally insulting, any physical violence and any damage to our vehicle will not be tolerated and may result in immediate termination of service without completion with full charge.
  • We require 24 hours prior notification to the scheduled pick up time in case of any cancellations occurs; otherwise 50% of base fare plus tax will be applied as cancellation fee.
  • We require 24 hours prior notification in case of re-scheduling or any change needs to be made; otherwise 25% of base fare plus tax will be applied as re-scheduling fee.
  • All booking made for Sprinter Vans, Stretch Limousines and Buses if cancelled after booking at any time before 24 hours of the trip a non-refundable fee of $50 will be charged. If you cancel between 12 to 24 hours due pickup time 50 % fare plus tax will be charged. Cancellations made before 12 hours of the trip will not be refunded.
  • Administration fee of $20 will be charged in case of any cancellation occurs for only such reservations that were booked for eight weeks later time period.
  • No waiting time will be charged for pickups from the Airport but a waiting time for every 15 minutes will be charged at the rate of $15.00 after grace period time of 15 minutes if the pickups are other than Airports (Homes, Offices, Hotels, Clubs, and Restaurants etc.)
  • Your payment will be deducted a day before your trip on provided credit card on file for mentioned charges including basic fare, applicable taxes, gratuity and Pearson Airport pickup fee if applicable. Once the payment is charged, it will be non refundable. In some cases a credit will be issued for future trips.
  • You will be considered no-show after 30 minutes of due time other than airport pickups, if you do not show up or contact either your chauffeur or our customer service.
  • If the distance or numbers of hours are less than originally booked, the price remains unaffected.
  • It is user or customer’s responsibility to make sure to check all information mentioned in confirmation email like; pickup date, time, address and flight number etc (please respond immediately if there is any mistake or correction). Once your ride is dispatched according to reservation/confirmation, payment will not be reversible or refunded.